About us

Ocean Medical started its activity 11 years ago, since then the project has earned the trust of customers, partners and employees. With an exceptional team we have achieved leadership in the markets where we operate:
  • more than 6,500 people trained each year in medical emergency;
  • more than 1,000 defibrillators installed and managed in DAE Programs.
In early 2019 we developed Ocean Medical Emergency Services, the company's 3rd business unit. Here, too, we intend to occupy a prominent place, so the company's management has invested in its own equipment and recruited experienced and differentiated health professionals.

As in 2014, when the largest distribution company in Portugal chose us to implement the largest DAE Program made in Portugal (200 defibrillators and 2,000 Operational DAE), or when in 2018 the American Heart Association awarded us the Silver Recognition Award for being the largest medical emergency training center in Europe, we would like to have the privilege of providing differentiated emergency services in order to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers.

Differentiating factors

Human Resources

Clinical team experience
(VMER operatives and / or ALS instructors)
Pediatric Care
(if appropriate)
Operational manager and command post team

Technical Resources

Vehicle comparable to VMER (with external cardiac compressor)
SBV ambulance upgrade to Advanced.
All vehicles <8 years
Defibrillator in all teams
Communications system
Geo-referencing of media


Prior risk analysis and final event report
Ability to access defibrillation in less than 3 minutes
Inhaler analgesia and pelvic immobilization


Crew and clinical material equivalent to VMER



Call us on weekdays
from 9:00 to 19:00
Telefone214 140 700
(Call to national fixed network)
Email: info@omes.pt
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